Scheduling Services

Approach to Assigning

The Association strives to place the best pairings or “crews” together on the ice.  We carefully plan each crew assignment by determining referee ability, level of experience, and pairing personalities.  This approach gives Great Brook the competitive edge when it comes to assigning.  In other words, we don’t just put “warm bodies” on the ice.   Great Brook has approximately 100 officials, all of which hold USA Hockey certification and are experienced working the two, three, and four official systems. 


Hand-pickedPeopleGreat Brook also works to ensure that teams or schools do not see the same “crews” working games week after week.  This helps to reduce feelings that a referee is “out to get someone” on the ice.  Great Brook also offers a “complaint form” on our website for coaches or other staff to complete should they feel the need to communicate concerns to the Association.  Each complaint is carefully reviewed and will be responded to by the administrative staff.


Organizations can also find peace of mind in knowing that Great Brook is not an organization where referees come to retire after their officiating careers are over.  Our staff of officials is expected to work every game with consistency, without bias, and at a high level of performance.  Great Brook has several evaluators who routinely conduct reviews of officials and provide feedback to assist with a referee’s own professional development.

 Centralized Assigning System

multiple-locationsGreat Brook utilizes a centralized online assigning system to schedule, track, and report all of our game assignments. 

First, each program can be given administrative viewing privileges in order to see the officials assigned to their games and to cancel games, as necessary.

Second, once referees have been assigned to a game, the system will send out automatic email reminders 3 days in advance of and the morning of the game with the date, time, and location.  Our Association has a centralized assignor with an assistant assignor to help make sure that no game goes uncovered.  Redundancy is built into everything we do to ensure our promise for excellent service and a commitment to your program is consistently provided.

Third, our system offers a centralized incident report intake form that any official can file at the conclusion of the game.   These incident reports are forwarded to the Association so that they may be dealt with.

Fourth, our assignment system generates referee payment invoices which are easily processed and mailed directly to the organization for reimbursement.   These invoices clearly illustrate all games, locations, dates, and times of games worked by each official.  This helps accounting departments match up payments.


communicateFifth, the centralized system used by Great Brook allows our staff to keep lines of communication open with officials.  Any messages, concerns, or other important information that needs to be sent to our general membership can easily be done with just a few clicks.  These messages can be marked so that officials must open and indicate that they have read their contents.


Sixth, our system offers a video library where administrators can post video clips of games with highlights of calls for discussion.  Since we specialize in education, this becomes a powerful tool when used for teaching purposes.