Join Our Staff

Great Brook Officials Association referees are professional individuals who take pride in their work. We are proud of our professional referees and if you want to work hard as well as perform at the highest level every time you skate on the ice, please contact us!

For those who fit the above description, joining our association has its benefits.  The following is a list of requirements and benefits that you can expect from Great Brook.


Annual Membership fee $35.00 per official which provides you with:

  • Unlimited potential game schedule dependent on your level and ability.
  • Creation of your account in the Horizon WebRef Scheduling system
  • Invoicing of your games submitted by Great Brook to the organizations for your payment and direct deposit of your payments to you through the DWOLLA system built into Horizon.
  • Periodic evaluation and feedback by trained evaluators on your performance for self-improvement.
  • Opportunities to attend development camps and trainings to include classroom, on ice sessions, and on-line learning and continuing education.
  • Development opportunities to help you reach higher levels of officiating.
  • Officiating i.e. High School, Prep School, Juniors, College, etc.


As a Great Brook official, you must:

  • Maintain your USA Hockey certification to work USA Hockey sanctioned games.
  • Mandatory attendance at the Season opening officials meeting.
    Occasional mandatory continuing education training provided on-line.
    Clean and professional appearance at all times.
    Name plate on your referee jersey that depicts your last name.

If you are interested in joining our staff, we accept members on an as needed basis when there are openings.

Your acceptance will depend on our need for officials, your abilities, level, and willingness to learn and develop.